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  • Biology 602: Classification of Living Things into Kingdoms

    by Rextorial
    6 Lessonsin

    Five Kingdom Classification The five kingdom classification that we see today was not the initial result of the classification of living organisms. Carolus Linnaeus first came up with a two kingdom classification which included only kingdom Plantae and kingdom Animalia. The two kingdom classification lasted for a very long time but did not last forever because it did not take into account many major parameters while classifying. There was no differentiation of the eukaryotes and prokaryotes; neither unicellular and multicellular; nor photosynthetic and the non-photosynthetic. Putting all the organisms in either plant or animal kingdom was insufficient because there were a lot of organisms which could not be classified as… Read More

  • Biology 601: Classification of Living and Non-Living Things

    by Rextorial
    2 Lessonsin

    Introduction to Classification of Living and Non-Living Things Living things Living things exist and are alive, sustaining life. They own life. Living things have structures known as cells, they grow and exhibit movement or locomotion. They experience metabolism which includes anabolic and catabolic reactions. Living things are capable of producing a new life which is of their own kind through the process of reproduction. Living things have a particular life span and are not immortal. Cellular Respiration¬†enables living organisms to acquire energy which is used by cells to perform their functions. They digest food for energy and also excrete waste from the body. Their life cycle can be summarised as… Read More